Saddle NFT Drop: Badges for Bandits!
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Saddle NFT Drop: Badges for Bandits!

Saddle NFT Drop: Badges for Bandits!

Attention bandits! ✨ 📢 🤠  To celebrate the launch of the SDL token, we’ve partnered with @ProjectGalaxyHQ to drop bountiful NFTs to you, our dear community.

Head to the Saddle collection on Galaxy to claim yours!

4 Badges for Bandits, check which badges you’re eligible for:

  • Saddle OG*: Members of the Saddle community who signed up via Discord survey link
  • Mezcal: Users who interacted with any of Saddle’s smart contracts at least once (i.e. swapped or provided liquidity)
  • Amphitrite: Top 10% of LPs (calculated proportionally across all Saddle pools, on a per-block basis, through Nov 1st, 2021)
  • Alpha: Participants of Saddle's “Proof of Governance” guarded launch (i.e. providing liquidity before 6/22/2021, when guard was disabled)

* Includes a special signed edition of the badge for the OG of OGs.

🎨  Artwork by Saddle Creators artist @edelghost

Badge holders will get future utility and benefits, as we launch more Saddle pools and grow the Saddle Creators program / Saddle metaverse.