Saddle is live on Kava!
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Saddle is live on Kava!

Saddle is live on Kava!

Saddle Up Bandits! ย ๐Ÿค 

Saddle Finance is live on the fastest growing chain with over $300M in TVL ๐Ÿš€

What is Kava Network?

The Kava Network is a Layer-1 blockchain solution that solves one of the most common issues in the crypto space-- scalability.

Fast and secure, this blockchain was able to work on and test the integration of two of the most widely used development environments in the crypto space: The Cosmos SDK and Ethereum.

By solving Ethereum's scalability issues, faced with the rise of Web 3, Kava is ready to meet the challenges brought by next-gen technologies. The integration of Cosmos SDK, one of the most efficient frameworks to build multi-asset blockchains, further emphasizes how this partnership stands to improve the crypto industry.

This cooperation is possible thanks to the unique co-chain architecture of Kava.

As reported by the Kava Network, co-chains function like two halves of a brain: one co-chain is optimized for Cosmos, one co-chain is optimized for Ethereum. Which allows the two to communicate is the Translator Module: enabling the two environments to work seamlessly together.

Thanks to this structure, developers can benefit from both Cosmos SDK features and an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible environment.

The two most used execution environments are brought together in a single network:

  • The Ethereum Co-Chain โ€“ an execution environment fully EVM-compatible, able to empower developers who use Solidity and all their decentralized applications to benefit from a secure and more scalable network.
  • The Cosmos Co-Chain โ€“ highly-scalable and secure, Cosmos SDK blockchain connects Kava to the 35+ chains and $60B+ of the Cosmos ecosystem via the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol.

Why is Kava interesting?

The goal of the Kava Network is to power DeFi products - like decentralized AMMs and collateralized lending and borrowing - with an ecosystem, still under development, made up of EVM-compatible and Cosmos SDK-based protocols.

The network also developed an innovative way to incentivize developers. Part of KAVA emissions are directly awarded to both chains, but after the launch of the Ethereum co-chain, the top 100 protocols on Ethereum will also be included in this distribution based on metrics such as usage and TVL (Total Value Locked).

By passing the SIP-14 proposal on April 26, 2022, the Saddle community allowed the network to benefit from both programs used by the Kava Network to incentivize protocol deployments โ€“ the Pioneer and Rise programs:

  • The Pioneer program consists of the distribution of 100,000 KAVA for protocols deployed before the launch of the mainnet;
  • The Rise program involves the distribution of $750 million among the top 100 protocols by TVL over 4 years.

The Saddle community decided to initially deploy a Saddle3pool (USDC + USDT + DAI) to both Kava testnet and mainnet.

Currently, there are no other Stableswap providers, like Saddle, that plan to deploy to Kava-- giving Saddle a unique asymmetric opportunity. Moreover, there is no need to emit extra SDL tokens to attract more liquidity, protecting the value of SDL.

How to LP on Kava?

  1. Switch to the Kava Network on
  1. Be one of the first to LP into the Saddle3Pool!

The Kava Network plans to launch the Ethereum bridge in Q3 2022 as well as metamask support for all Kava txs. As a result, thousands of ERC-20 tokens will be able to be bridged, as well as Kavaโ€™s assets will be bridged onto Ethereum and EVM-compatible networks.

Celer Network will play a pivotal role in this: its renowned cBridge โ€“ a cross-chain bridging protocol โ€“ will be integrated with Kava, allowing for faster and low-cost bridging of assets among all supported chains. This integration represents a unique opportunity for the Kava ecosystem to attract liquidity.

The Kava Network has some fantastic plans for 2022 and is preparing for massive growth. The combined action of Celer and Kava will allow not only for the connection of multiple chains but also for impressive incentives for developers and protocols, able to benefit from the earning potential of Kava.

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