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Saddle Finance: March Roundup

Saddle Finance: March Roundup

Welcome to our monthly recap at Saddle! In this edition, we'll be covering four episodes of The WateringHodl, bribes for L2D4 LPs, audits, and exciting new products!

Here are the highlights:

  • The refreshed image of Saddle, the move to StarkNet, and the announcement of a new financial primitive, Port. 🚢
  • Certora Formal Verification ✅
  • The Atlantean Embassy partnership and how Saddle Finance is benefiting from Fluidity's whitelisting protocol. 🔱

The WateringHodl March 1, 2023: Bringing attention to the Grail w/ ARX.

On this episode of The WateringHodl, Low-poly Duck had Lisa from ARX protocol as a guest to talk about blockchain. Low-poly Duck asked some important questions, such as whether blockchain could protect us in the long run, and highlighted the dependence on centralized institutions at the extremes of every blockchain transaction. Lisa explained the inspiration behind creating the ARX protocol, its goals, and its vision.

The WateringHodl March 8, 2023: Dive to Atlantis.

Low-poly Duck was joined by a friend from Fluidity Money, @Yneas, and Mr. Blaze. Low-poly Duck gave a shout-out to all the women in the Saddle Finance team and officially announced that Saddle was participating in the Atlantean Embassy. Mr. Yneas introduced what the Atlantean Embassy is all about and explained how Fluidity protocol is whitelisting Saddle Finance's treasury to essentially get a percentage of the revenue generated from the protocol's activities.

The WateringHodl March 15, 2023: Going for gold w/ Midas.

On this episode we had a few technical difficulties but nevertheless, Low-Poly Duck was joined by our very own head of growth,  0xemac, and Meme-lord 0xTasal, the social media manager. They discussed the arrival of the L2D4 bribes and hot topics in the crypto market, such as the momentary de-pegging of USDC and DAI. They talked about the possible causes of the event, its implications, and how the event was a cause for concern and more sense of security.

L2D4 Bribes Arrive

The bribes finally arrived for the L2D4 liquidity pool. If you're new to using liquidity pools, click here for a detailed guide on how to engage and acquire each token in the pool.

Saddle X Certora

Saddle’s formal verification with Certora has been concluded, with Saddle passing all aspects of the report. The audit was focused on validating the correct behavior for the base swap. View the audit report or via our blog post.

The WateringHodl March 22, 2023: Rebrand, Port, Starknet, and more…

In this week's episode, our host Low-Poly Duck was joined by a panel of esteemed guests, including 0xemac, Lazervike, HammeIAm, and Devops199fan.

During the episode, 0xemac shared the exciting news about the rebranding of Saddle. Low-Poly Duck was thrilled to share that the protocol is expanding beyond just the ranch and onto the sea floor. In addition to the rebranding, Saddle Finance is also moving to StarkNet, a move that was further explained by HammeIAm. He elaborated on the importance of the programming language Cairo for the transition to StarkNet.

But that's not all! Low-Poly Duck also announced a new product that the Saddle Finance team has been working on, Port. Tune in to the episode for more information.

The WateringHodl March 29, 2023: Exploring Saddle’s gamified stable pool by Fluidity…

In another recent episode, Lowpolyduck had a guest and friend, Yneas from Fluidity Money, discuss the partnership between Saddle X Atlantean Embassy. Yneas answered specific questions regarding how Fluidity works and how users can earn from simple transactions such as making a swap. He also elaborated on how Saddle will benefit from the partnership.

Listen to the episode here

Last but definitely not least, Port

We’re releasing a new product that aims to be a new financial primitive, a basket of investment strategies built on top of Yearn Finance. You’ll be able to select a single asset to earn in, choose investment strategies, and let Port manage and rebalance your portfolio automatically to earn the highest yield. We are taking select alpha users, join below!

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