Saddle February Roundup
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Saddle February Roundup

Saddle February Roundup

GM Saddle Community! We're taking a look back at the most exciting news, Spaces, and updates from the past month curated by our very own community account manager, Judy.

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1) The WateringHodl Feb 1, 2023: A friendly fireside Hodl w/ Yneas and the Saddle fam
This episode of the WateringHodl was anchored by our delightful host @lowpolyduck , our very own @Oxemac, and a friend from fluidity Money, @yneas. The speakers discussed at length the various potentials of Artificial intelligence (AI) using AI low poly duck as a point of reference.

@yneas cited various roles that AI could start to play in the nearest future (some already in play) such as: serving as a virtual assistant to Content writers, social media management, etc. Lowpolyduck also Urged the listeners to build a healthy fear of the internet as artificial intelligence will only continue to get better and more influential.

Listen here.

2) Saddle is Live on Aurora

Saddle went live on Aurora, in other words, you can now deposit and swap on Aurora (Near protocol’s layer2 network) with the addition of community pools coming in a future update.

Aurora is an ethereum virtual machine built on the proof of stake layer1 blockchain implemented as a smart contract on Near protocol. It is a solution that allows developers to execute ethereum contracts in a more performant environment (Near protocol).

Read more about Aurora here

3) L2D4 Pool Live on DeBank DeFi Portfolio Page

L2D4 pool can now be viewed in DeBank DeFi portfolio.

DeBank is a multi-chain portfolio tracker that currently supports the largest number of DeFi protocols. Read more about DeBank DeFi protocol here

4) The WateringHODL Feb 8, 2023 : From Space to Sea, an Arbitrum Special w Mr. Saunders

On this Episode of the WateringHODL, Our dear host@Lowpolyduck was joined by a special guest and friend from Arbitrium @AndrewSaunders.eth, CMO at Arbitrum network. Andrew shared with the listeners some of his key experiences in the crypto/marketing space as well as some invaluable tips on how to market products and services in ways that would yield more returns and consumer engagement.

Listen here

5) Saddle Finance X DeFiLlama Integration

Saddle Finance was added to the DeFiLlama dashboard.
DefiLlama is a DeFi TVL aggregator which provides accurate data without sponsored content or Ads, it provides transparency and is used to track renowned chains and their dApps.

6)The WateringHodl Feb 15, 2023: A Koala and a Duck speak English to each other
On this episode of the Hodl, our remarkable host Lowpolyduck was joined by a jolly koala and friend from Alchemix protocol.

The Koala Shared with the audience some good insights on what Alchemix is all about. He elaborately explained the Innovative self repaying loan feature on the Alchemix platform. He also let the audience know that Alchemix is now on optimism for any user that might be worried about the gas fees on Mainnet.

Furthermore, the Koala went ahead to share some “alpha” from Alchemix protocol team, learn more here

7)The WateringHodl Feb 22, 2023: Lowpolyduck's LowpolyBirthday!

Lowpolyduck’s Lowpolybirthday🥳🎉🎉. This episode of the WateringHodl was all about our dearest host Lowpolyduck ,an amazing team member and Chief of Staff at Saddle Finance whom we’re always glad to have in the Saddle family.

The Saddle community members and a good number of friends from numerous protocols both partners and non-partners celebrated the Duck in this most delightful podcast.
Listen here

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