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Saddle April Roundup

Saddle April Roundup

Gm Saddle Community, April brought some much-needed heads down BUIDLing mode for the core team.

As they say, April showers bring May (new product) flowers 🌸

Here are the highlights:

  • Port Alpha Updates 🚢
  • WateringHodl Wraps 🦆
  • New fUSDC-USDC pool on the exchange 🌊

1. The WateringHodl April 5, 2023: Sperax and a Duck on Port, Demeter, and more!

Low-Poly Duck was joined by two members of the Sperax team to discuss our latest product, Port, as well as their new offering, Demeter.

2. The WateringHodl April 19, 2023: Duck flexing 0 knowledge w/ Starkware's Haymanliron.

In this episode, Low-Poly Duck chats with Hayman Liron from Starkware's business development team, along with two of Saddle's engineers for technical support. They delve into Saddle's upcoming launch on Starknet and explore how Starkware aims to tackle scaling challenges on the Ethereum mainnet.

3. Port Alpha NFT launched on Tide

We recently launched a collaborative campaign with Tide Protocol for our new product, Port. To participate, users were required to complete a survey and, in return, received a unique NFT that granted them access to the alpha stage of our new product. Survey participants were also invited to join our exclusive (and now closed) Port Alpha Discord channel. Ask us in #general on Discord and we might be able to sneak you in!

4. fUSDC-USDC is Here!

The fUSDC-USDC pool is now fully operational on Arbitrum, featuring $fUSDC and $SDL rewards as incentives. But this isn't your average stableswap pool — it incorporates a gamified approach. Low-Poly Duck hosted a special WateringHodl episode with the Fluidity team, where they explained in detail how this unique pool functions. Listen to the episode here

5. New Product Update!

Our engineers gave us an update on some things they have been building for our new product:
Front-End Development: Our engineers have begun scaffolding for the front-end, utilizing the most modern tooling available, such as Next.js , wagmi hooks, and viem which is being explored as a replacement for ethers for contract interaction.

Contract Development: We are currently making progress on contract development related to Port, with tests being written in parallel to ensure quality and reliability.

Fee Collection Optimization: We are actively working on optimizing fee collection for the Port treasury, ensuring efficient and effective management of funds.

System Backtesting: Our team is building a system to conduct comprehensive backtests to determine the profitability of users with respect to slippage, specific market events, and pool rebalancing events. This will help us refine our strategies and provide the best experience for our users.

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