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Launching V2 of the Saddle BTC Pool

Launching V2 of the Saddle BTC Pool
Saddle’s v2 BTC pool (base pool only - WBTC, sBTC, and RenBTC) is live on Saddle Exchange.

We’re excited to announce that the v2 of the Saddle BTC Pool has launched!

V2 provides an enhanced experience for Saddle users, offers a smoother and cheaper way to provide liquidity to the BTC pool and swap between WBTC, sBTC, and RenBTC. V2 comes with optimized gas costs, flash loan support, with a tBTC metapool on top (soon™).

We anticipate the tBTC metapool to launch in the coming weeks (and KEEP incentives to be moved from the v1 BTC pool to v2).

If you’re an LP in the v1 BTC pool and want to continue earning KEEP rewards, you can just leave your liquidity in the v1 BTC pool until the tBTC metapool launches (at which point the incentives will be moved to the metapool).


How to move your BTC Pool liquidity:

Go to https://saddle.exchange/#/pools, find the v1 BTC pool and Withdraw your liquidity:

After Withdraw transaction is confirmed, find the v2 BTC Pool and Deposit your liquidity:

Hurray! Now your BTC assets are in a gas-optimized, flash loan-enabled pool.


Since launch, the BTC pool - which includes WBTC, sBTC, RenBTC, and tBTC -  has risen to over $53m USD in liquidity. The pool has facilitated over 2623 transactions, and enables low-slippage, low-gas, and high-efficiency transactions for those swapping, adding liquidity, and removing liquidity.

The Saddle v2 BTC Pool is launching with WBTC, sBTC, and RenBTC as a base pool; a tBTC metapool will go live as Keep Network’s upcoming upgrade to tBTC v2 is finalized. This is to mitigate a potential tBTC volume imbalance in the basepool in the immediate term, and to offer optionality in regards to tBTC exposure and rewards as tBTC v2 launches.