Introducing LoopFi
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Introducing LoopFi

Introducing LoopFi

The new home for veSDL stakers and Saddle LPs!

Saddle continues its focus on bringing more frens to the ranch and adding benefits to SDL holders with the passing of SIP-36.

Introducing LoopFi

Loopfi is a decentralized user-owned protocol offering liquidity solutions for veToken (‘vote-escrowed token’) holders. The protocol allows participants to gain max boost on veToken rewards, trading fees, and governance voting weight with immediate liquidity access for their time-locked veTokens.

How does it work?

SDL holders lock and receive pSDL as a representation of their staked deposit at a 1:1 ratio (Each pSDL represents 1 SDL participating at a maximum lock-up term of 4 years). Users will also be rewarded with LPF tokens, in addition to SDL emission and Saddle protocol fees. By locking up LPF, users will receive pLPF and vote in the DAO decision-making process to decide the SDL emissions for Saddle gauges.

For SDL holders, Loopfi enables users to:

  • Receive max boost on SDL emission and Saddle platform fees;
  • Receive pSDL token (liquid version of veSDL)
  • Stake pSDL to earn LPF rewards
  • Stake LPF to earn more Saddle governance voting weights and direct the flow of SDL incentives on
  • Earn a share of Loopfi platform fees

The partnership enables Saddle to strengthen its community by offering more benefits to SDL holders while participating in shaping the future of the protocol.

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