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ICYMI 4-26-22

🤠Gm bandits! Exciting week we have to look forward to! Let’s get into the recap!

📰 Updates / ICYMI, during last week...

SIP-13 Results: Passed! We will be using Ondo Finance’s LaaS as we prepare for tokenomics and the token unlock. Review this proposal once more as it may contain answers to a couple of your questions✔️🪙


Arbitrum Odyssey Winners:  Give it up to the winners of the 10k SDL giveaway!! 🏆 🏅

@MAGIC@Andrei.izo @xons07 @Azathoth.eth @Maria-Maria (on Discord)

Bounty Spotlight: Shout out to bandit @ansvier#7699  for publishing a piece on how to use Saddle! 🏇 https://medium.com/@St_answer/saddle-finance-how-to-use-it-55870825e7fc

Welcome to Our Ecosystem: Have you had a chance to check out our ecosystem guide?! If not, here’s your chance to get familiar ! 💦https://saddle-community.notion.site/Ecosystem-Guide-1382b1fcc6d24336bb2de14e21894336

Design Things: We’re announcing a revamped Saddle Brand Toolkit and Style Guide - let's get meme-ing and shilling! Check it out 👉https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FCHdi7dkXIf9S1ZgVk1YaIn-pzvZeVDb


Cosmos🤝Ethereum, 4pool on Evmos: Set your reminders for this TW Space event on Wednesday at 3pm EST/12pm PST! 🌌🎙️ https://twitter.com/saddlefinance/status/1517536869520654336?s=20&t=q2nOqnnPrVTFvML68PO5hw


SIPssss: We have a couple of SIPs that are still live! 🔥

SIP-14: Deploy Saddle 2pool to Kava testnet and mainnet. Voting ends today at 8pm EST (Monday)! 🗳️ https://snapshot.org/#/saddlefinance.eth/proposal/0x921083a0058018cc4a7f5254f16b80c578dc773f503be99dd2225f96a4894d25

SIP-15: Introduce 4pool to Saddle ⌛https://snapshot.org/#/saddlefinance.eth/proposal/0x355e943e2830fb0e57465a99931600fbdd8965befa26a2af9942fcca79fe3d2d

Available Bounties: Check out this list which outlines open bounties and the SDL reward granted per bounty 👇💰🤑https://discordapp.com/channels/780508954916290610/780519570552258570/968219548207681538

BOOT Finance: It’s airdrop day! 🥾 https://blog.boot.finance/boot-finance-ui-for-airdrop-claim-a691ca5933c7

Saddle Ambassador’s Program: Looking to get more involved wit the Saddle ecosystem? Become a Saddle Stallion today! 🤠🏇https://saddle-community.notion.site/Apply-to-be-a-Saddle-Ambassador-5becfec23f694a61a8bf9d78efc383f2

Zapper Support: Please continue to upvote this Zapper proposal! Thanks for the support! ⬆️


Until Next Time Frens 💗