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ICYMI 4-19-22

Howdy there! Hope y’all had a relaxing weekend! Let’s run through a recap of all the great things that have been happening in the community over the last week!

📰 Updates / ICYMI, during last week...

Arbitrum Odyssey: Unfortunately, we did not make the cut, but we thank you all for the tremendous support!! The winner for the 10k SDL giveaway will be announced this week. Thanks again! 💓

SIP-12 Results: The community banded together to approve our partnership with Perp! 🎡https://twitter.com/saddlefinance/status/1516424749852856323?s=20&t=-sI89rw6Mci9EUukyIuAqA

Bounty Spotlight: Shout out to bandit , Akig,  for being the first bandit to submit! Let us know if you are interested! We still have 4 more to fulfill! 🐎https://saddle-community.notion.site/Blog-posts-f3ef71cfdbd941e5bf5b191305de3439

Bridging The Gap: ICYM our AMA w/ Nomad, you can now access the transcript 🌉: https://blog.saddle.finance/bridging-the-gap-with-nomad/


Community Call: The transcript from today’s community call will be available this week! 🤗


Saddle x Kava: Let us know your thoughts on depolying Saddle 2pool to Kava’s testnet and mainnet! 💭 https://www.saddle.community/t/sip-x-deploy-saddle-to-kava/350

Saddle x Ondo: Remember to vote in the poll and contribute to the discussion on Saddle using Ondo Finance’s LaaS to launch and support a SDL/FRAX SushiSwap pool 🚀⚡https://www.saddle.community/t/sip-x-loans-for-ondo-liquidity-as-a-service/341

Rewards: You can now earn rewards in T and SDL through the tBTC Metapool v2 pool 🤑✨https://twitter.com/saddlefinance/status/1512154832622268420

Saddle Ambassador’s Program: Looking to get more involved wit the Saddle ecosystem? Become a Saddle Stallion today! 🤠🏇https://saddle-community.notion.site/Apply-to-be-a-Saddle-Ambassador-5becfec23f694a61a8bf9d78efc383f2

b4b Session 2: Wanted bounties still need to be fulfilled. Devs and non-technical creators are encouraged to participate! 🔨https://twitter.com/saddlefinance/status/1499110798853124097?s=20&t=pmw5l0kavcEGfnslmSs36w

Zapper Support: Please continue to upvote this Zapper proposal! Thanks for the support! ⬆️


Until Next Time Frens 💗