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ICYMI 4-11-22

Hey bandits! We are bringing the ICYMI posts to the blog! In these posts, we'll be covering announcements + events that took place in the Saddle community over the last week. Let’s get into the recap!

Updates / ICYMI, during last week...

Messari: Track our proposals on Messari! https://messari.io/governor/proposal/08d2f3f8-14a3-4fbb-abf7-04ab5b66c28e

Learning Lounge: The next chapter of the Saddle Compendium is Chapter 4 - TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi  head to the #learning-lounge in Discord to contribute and have a chance to earn SDL.

SIP-11 Results: This proposal did not pass. Stay tuned for upcoming proposals! https://twitter.com/saddlefinance/status/1513502651383701507

Community Call Transcripts: 3/21: https://blog.saddle.finance/blog-saddle-finance-community-call-transcript-3-21-22/

4/4: https://blog.saddle.finance/community-call-transcript-4-4-22/


Nomad AMA: If you weren’t able to attend the AMA with Nomad, the transcript will be shared this week.


Saddle x Perp: Be sure to vote on the poll and participate in the discussion. A potential partnership underway!


Rewards: You can now earn rewards in T and SDL through the tBTC Metapool v2 pool!


Saddle Ambassador’s Program: Looking to get more involved wit the Saddle ecosystem? Become a Saddle Stallion today!


b4b Session 2: Wanted bounties still need to be fulfilled. Devs and non-technical creators are encouraged to participate!


Zapper Support: Please continue to upvote this Zapper proposal! Thanks for the support!


Until Next Time Frens <3