Welcome Hidden Hand
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Welcome Hidden Hand

Welcome Hidden Hand

The Saddle Hidden Hand bribing market is live. Protocols can now bribe $veSDL holders to vote for their gauges.

Redacted Cartel is an Olympus fork that aims to become a meta-governance DAO. It creates and extracts value through the incentivization of governance in DeFi.

Hidden Hand by Redacted is a permissionless bribe marketplace that enables protocols with the veToken system to extract more value and expedite the process of creating demand for the ve-Tokens. Protocols can deposit bribes into the Hidden Hand smart contract, which are sent to the users as rewards for their voting power. Hidden Hand is specifically built for protocols and enables market forces the power to efficiently influence the distribution of token incentives. It consolidates voting activities under one dApp and enables greater voter participation and engagement. Moreover, bribe markets help to direct liquidity to where it is most in demand, thereby helping protocols in their mission to increase liquidity.

Learn more about Hidden Hand here.

Saddle Finance is emitting 1.25 million SDL tokens weekly in liquidity mining incentives. The community determines the SDL emissions for each liquidity pool through the weekly gauge voting. In order to optimize emission flows and promote greater community engagement, Saddle has integrated with Hidden Hand. Protocols can now bribe veSDL holders to vote for their gauges. This partnership will benefit both the protocols as well as the voters. It will help protocols with a systematic and efficient way to allocate bribe rewards while veSDL holders will earn bribes for voting through the Hidden Hand marketplace.

The Saddle Hidden Hand bribing market is now live. Protocols on Hidden Hand can visit https://hiddenhand.finance/saddle to select the gauge that they want the holders to vote for and deposit bribes into the smart contract. Protocols can upload multiple bribes before the deadline.

veSDL holders can check out the latest bribe offerings here.

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