Community Pools Coming to Saddle
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Community Pools Coming to Saddle

Community Pools Coming to Saddle

Coming soon to a ranch under the sea– your pools. your way. Skip governance and create your own pools using Saddle’s open-source stableswap implementation. As traditional or exotic as you like; seed your own liquidity, or deploy a capital-efficient metapool and harness the power of the community. The choice is yours.

Available only on ETH mainnet at feature launch.

Permission? That’s so Web 2.0

No one likes to wait. If you're launching a stablecoin, your community needs liquidity now.

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Community Pools (also known as 'Permissionless' or 'Factory' pools) enable users and protocols to shape stableswap AMMs with the speed DeFi demands. In the eyes of many, permissionless infrastructure is the backbone of a decentralized future, and it's no secret how popular it is with big-money – one of the largest stableswap pools on-chain was deployed without the permission of the protocol it's hosted by.

As in any fair system, it's not always the case that everyone gets their way. In fact, in many cases, decisions can be very close, leaving large portions of one or more communities dissatisfied. This is not always an issue, but for the times that it is, permissionless pools are a step in the right direction. Speaking candidly for a moment, user to user: the existence of a pool we do not use has little impact on our experience. We expect to see a plethora of products we do not intend to use in most cases. We trust our dashboards to provide quality and our aggregators to find us liquidity.

Community Pools mean that communities can rely on themselves to make their own decisions, without having to convince outsiders of their legitimacy. We feel this fits perfectly with our ethos.

Our Philosophy

Community pools represent the Saddle ethos:

Saddle stands for DeFi: We commit ourselves to open-source software and collaboration to fulfil the promise of DeFi, of financial Lego blocks.
Saddle is safe & legit: Saddle protocol is audited and secured by leading blockchain security firms like Certik, Quantstamp, and OpenZeppelin. Read the audits here.
Saddle is collaborative and fun to work with: We root our ethos in the desire to support the DeFi ecosystem and partner with like-minded protocols.

We want to break down barriers, not build them up, and Community Pools represent another brick in that road. A diverse community of opinions will push for a diverse selection of products; Community Pools put the hands of the user base on the throttle of the rocket.

Bandits hail from all corners of the DeFi ecosystem, and now they can bring their favorite protocols to the ranch with them– inheriting all the security, community support, and infrastructure of Saddle.

What can I deploy, and when?

[Note: Images may note represent final product]

Pools can be given their own unique ‘Name’, and ‘Symbol’:

[Note: Name and Symbol have limits of ‘31’ and ‘14’ characters respectively]

At launch, users will be able to create three types of pools on ETH mainnet:

  • Base Pools, consisting of up to four similarly pegged assets
  • BTC Metapools, using the BTC V2 Pool as a base
  • USD Metapools, using the FraxBP as a base

Users may define three critical parameters:

  • The Pool Fee, set as a value between 0.01% - 1%
  • The Amplification Coefficient, a value which can either compress or expand the range of low slippage swaps
  • The token contracts that make up their pool
[Note: Due to the four asset limit, metapools may contain only two additional asset– rebasing, and fee-on-transfer tokens will not be supported]
Giddy’ up.

Keeping up with our progress

Are you as excited about permissionless pools as we are? Get ready to see all your favorite protocols flood to the ranch–

The future is permissionless

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