Community Call 4-4-22
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Community Call 4-4-22

Community Call 4-4-22
Community Call 4 4 22

Eric|Saddle  0:00

So welcome everyone to our community call this fine morning. I’m Emac on the Saddle team. I typically go through a lot of the non-technical updates as well as anything on the ambassador program. I see some ambassadors in the audience. Shout out to w18, Andre, rest of the team here..Justpat, who leads the ambassador program as well. If anyone is interested in(-), I see you there too. Anyone interested in joining the Saddle Stallion Ambassador Program, feel free to drop a note in the Saddle Event Chat. Check out our page and you can go ahead and apply or shoot me a DM or just at (@) a DM and we'd love to have you in the program. So yeah, a few updates on the ambassador program-we just launched last week. So we airdrop some SDL to our first 12 ambassadors.

Congrats to them. Very active community over the past two weeks here, finding some amazing articles and like boosting a lot of the DeFi knowledge for the rest of the Saddle team here. Saddle team and community here. And I think over the next few weeks we'll be coming out with new bounties that are just available for Saddle Stallion Ambassadors, as well as the greater community, so be on the  lookout for that. Great ways to earn some SDL as the token becomes tradable here in the next next few weeks. So yeah, again on the ambassador program, feel free to shoot me a DM, Justpat,  and we can get you started on earning some greats, SDL and contribute here. On some other updates this week, you may have saw that the community banded together in favor of the token unlock obviously it was a few weeks ago. We passed SIP-9 I believe or 10 that we will be deploying on Evmos and we held a community call with them last week in their Twitter spaces. They have a pretty great community if you guys haven't seen their Twitter space, they do a good job of bringing some really good alphas onto the community call. So there's some really good projects there to follow.

So hopefully we’ll be one of those, the more mature projects that are deploying on Evmos here in the next few weeks too. So exciting stuff there. And yeah, feel free to join. Again, that community has some really interesting stuff going on over there. We'll be holding an AMA later this week, I believe on Friday with the Nomad team. So be on the lookout for that. I believe it'll be a Twitter space but we'll drop the link here in the next day or so. So some exciting stuff on the community front. If again if you're technical,  non-technical feel free to shoot me a DM and we can get you started on some bounties as we kind of ramp up the community efforts here. Cool anything I missed, Zim, on your side of things?

Zim|Saddle  2:54

No, it's good stuff. Community programming looks lit.

Eric|Saddle  3:00

Cool. Alright, I'll shoot over to Devps199fan for some technical updates.

Sunil|Saddle  3:07

Hey all. Yeah, as Eric mentioned, you know, the SIP passed for the: token unlock, liquidity, and economics. So we're mainly focus on making all of those changes ready. Expect to have that good to go in the next few weeks. We've also been working on permissionless pools. So basically making it very easy for anybody to deploy a Saddle pool with an arbitrary number of tokens. And like other parameters easily with just a single click.

I think those are the main things we're focusing on, as well as, as Eric mentioned, as well, the Evmos deployment. So we've been doing some negotiating …to see what composition we  want there and if we can pull in incentives from budget, these other protocols, but yeah, I'd say the main thing is really heads down on getting all the token economics stuff ready to hopefully get it out in the next few weeks. Did I miss any stuff, Zim? Eric?

Zim|Saddle  4:21

Nope. That's some good tokenomics. A couple of events, just a heads up. We'll be posting this in the weekly round up, in case you missed it. But we do have a Encode AMA webinar of sorts with Encode in about an hour and 15. And for this, so this is more for the technical folks who want to build with or on Saddle, either as a part of bounties for bandits or otherwise. And yeah, it'll be cool. We're gonna go through we've got three kinds of little deep dives, many deep dives into projects that have been built on Saddle so you can kind of see what other people have been done how they've been using the code. The Saddle code. Let's see. And then on Wednesday, we have a AMA with the Nomad folks. Oh, sorry, with right we have an AMA or is that sorry? Twitter Space? Yeah.

So that should be pretty awesome. For anyone who doesn't know Nomad is a Cross-Chain Bridge and doing some pretty amazing stuff in the interoperability space. Cool yeah, and I think those are all the updates. I'll see if there's anything we missed. But yeah, we'd like to open it up to the community. If anyone has anything they'd like to share or questions, feel free to raise your hand here, or just drop it in the Saddle Event Chat.

Alright. Looks like we got a duck. Come on up. And also, yes.

Jamie|Mune  6:35

Ah, gotcha. I've been a human this whole time.

Zim|Saddle 6:40

Oh, no. (-)

Jamie|Mune  6:43

Yeah. So my question is actually, with regard to the Nomad bridge, I noticed that we're pushing toward the recent replacing DAI with UST trend here. I was wondering if there was any chance or plans for that to sort of bleed over into other chains?

Zim|Saddle  7:10

Devops, I don’t know if you have some thoughts to share there? I definitely see. I guess, like, the likelihood of that happening is directly correlated with the volume of UST. And there's other chains and other ecosystems. So like, I think UST is, I mean, DAI is like more, much more prevalent in some of the like, all L1s. But I'm not really sure how the UST liquidity is distributed.

Obviously, there's a lot of Ethereum. And, Evmos it seems too, and maybe some L2s, but I know, I haven't seen much kind of UST activity on like Harmony, for example. But I'm also not too deep in that ecosystem. Or Fantom. Like, I don't see much UST stuff going on this and so on. But that might just be me overlooking things.

Jamie|Mune 8:06

Excellent, thank you. No, that's perfect. Yeah, it should be Oh, go ahead.

Gus|Bandit  8:21

I'll jump in with question. Mine is not technical or anything like this, but it's, it's maybe just maybe there's no good, good answer now, which is also okay. It's kind of in two parts, like for Saddle, what would be considered like a huge success, say, one year or two years. And the like, follow up to that is what do you think would be like the, the, like, biggest benefit that that we have at the moment that will help us achieve that? What would be like the most difficult thing to make that happen?

Zim| Saddle  9:10

My take on this and I think Devops would definitely have the most direct insights there. So you know, we have a lot of strong partnerships, like with FRAX and Nomad and, you know, in a DeFi and web3 in general. I think these partnerships really do go quite far. And then we have us growing and very strong pipeline for new community members, especially like non- technical and technical folks, rather, through bounties for bandits and SEMPI. And just growing the whole Saddle ecosystem and doubling down on you know, our open source and collaborative ethos. I think that'll really help us to celebrate as the new features and, you know, new algorithms are being experimented on.

But I would say and this is just my personal view, I think, you know, what success looks like in a year would be very strong multi-chain presence for Saddle with you know, in partnership with Nomad and potentially others. And then, on top of that, you know, much higher TVL over the land, ideally, and much higher trade volumes as well. So I think these come from, right, these partnerships, and also just like better fees and rates and liquidity.

And the size of liquidity pools, rather. Yeah, and then, you know, whatever other interesting protocol developments and advancements we decided to take on. So there's, there's definitely a lot of interesting places we can take Sddle after v1.

Sunil|Saddle  11:13

Yeah, to add to what Zim said, kind of the analogy that I've used up to this point is, you know, we launched the governance token around three or four months ago, but we don't have any tokenomics. So we effectively had kind of like a car without an engine inside of it. So I really think what success will look like is really, you know, bootstrapping, the protocol flywheel. So we started to see the like, increase TVL, as Zim mentioned, hopefully, that translates into(-), for LPs, as well as really starting to get more folks engaged in the community, right.

And I think one of our big competitive advantages is being able to move a lot faster than some of these other teams when it comes to expanding to like, new and up and coming L1s and L2s and we are starting to see that you know, with the planned Evmos launch, and hopefully, that'll just be the first one. And hopefully, what I'd like to see if a blitzkrieg onto all of the new and promising L1s and L2s  that are going to be launching in the next few months.

Zim|Saddle 12:12

You know, if you have ideas, or if anybody who's listening has ideas, you know, this is we're definitely interested in hearing kind of your thoughts on what would set Saddle up for the greatest success. You know, and if it's something that you don't feel comfortable sharing publicly, you know, feel free to DM any of us here or or anybody on the team. Yeah, you know, it takes a village to build a protocol, as they say. I mean, nobody says that, but you get it.

Eric| Saddle 12:47

Yeah, I appreciate the thoughtful question, though. Gus, that was a good, great question. Thank

Gus|Bandit  12:50

Thank you

Zim|Saddle  12:57  

Alight. Anybody else? No. Go ahead.

Eroc|Saddle  13:03

I was gonna say, should we wrap there?

Zim|Saddle  13:08


Eric|Saddle  13:13

I think we're all set to wrap there. Right. Yeah. Anyone who else has questions, feel free to drop them in the chat. I'll be on Discord all day. So great to see everybody and thanks for joining.

Have a great rest of the week.

Eric|Saddle  13:31  

Take care everybody. Remember hugs are important for your mental health. So get lots of them. Alrighty.

Eric|Saddle 13:36

Go get those hugs.

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