Community Call 6-14-22
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Community Call 6-14-22

Community Call 6-14-22
Community Call 6 14 22

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  0:01
Mr. Emac, hello and welcome. Can you also hear the birds where I am?

Emac | Saddle  0:05
I see one bird at the moment

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  0:17
Very well, thank you. How are you doing?

Emac | Saddle  0:20
Doing well, still feeling the leftovers of Consensus for sure today. Yeah, good. Good time. It didn't miss the heat, I mean, it was I think it was about 108 degrees every single day. I just got to that level.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  0:43
Was that in real degrees?

Emac | Saddle  0:49
Like 30 something. Yeah, it's like yeah 42

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  1:04
Holy. Yeah, okay, that's ridiculous. I don't think it's ever been that hot here.

Emac | Saddle  1:09
Yeah, it doesn't quite get anywhere near there where you are?

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  1:13
No, definitely not, no. Most summers I've ever been in.

Emac | Saddle  1:21
Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah, it's nice to be back in a yeah, long pants and sweater back in the day. All right. Let's see here. Wow, we got a small crew, but a very prominent crew if I must say.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  1:45
Yes, the inner circle.

Emac | Saddle  1:48
The inner circle here. Cool.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  1:52
Maybe these are all the people that have been taking my money last couple of weeks.

Emac | Saddle  1:58
You go too fast. For sure. I can't trust him at all.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  2:06
No, I can't be the only one who's worth less than half of what I was a couple months ago.

Emac | Saddle  2:12
Fun facts

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  2:14
Yeah. The crazy Degen, right? I think that's why crypto doesn't close on weekends. Because all these crazy folks, they literally start buying and selling bread until the floor price of dentures was penny.

Emac | Saddle  2:36
Oh man too good

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  2:36
All right, I think we're pretty full up in here. Are we ready to kick it off?

Emac | Saddle  2:40
Yeah, let's kick it off. I can start things off Jamie. And then if you want to follow in and maybe fill in some stuff that you wanted to cover, I think my biggest thing this week, everyone saw the elections for Delos HQ round two, so, really excited to kick things off there. Congrats to Weston Nelson, I see you in the audience there. Weston congrats, man. I think you've absolutely crushed it.

In terms of community engagement, everything that you've done so far with bounties, and I think you're gonna be an amazing player here. So more to come on that I think for next steps on Delos I think get you guys the roles, I'm going to do that today. Get everything set up in the multisig and then we should have our first meeting either later this week or next week. And I'll schedule that.

So yeah, really excited to have you. Nikitakle, obviously, I think you came out on top this time. So congrats to you, the community obviously values your input and your strategy, and I've definitely loved working with you so far. So

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  3:37
Maybe he can help with figure out who that wallet is.

Emac | Saddle  3:41
Yeah, seriously. Yeah, hopefully you're not having some brad's going on there but I guess that's okay, too. So yeah, I think really excited to have you on the team and yeah, for all everybody else who was nominated. We'd still love to have you obviously in this community, I saw Karthik just us this year. I think you're gonna be an amazing core contributor to the protocol as we move things forward here. So next steps from Dellos HQ, I think the main thing that we want to accomplish is launch our leveling system here.

Yeah, like I mentioned, the team was away at Consensus, the past few days and doing some great work, kind of learning about the ecosystem and seeing what other protocols are out there. Doing some strategic work as well. So yeah, we're really excited to get this community up and kind of running to the next level before the unlock. So I know all of you are probably asking when that is, again, we have a soft launch in our core teams timeline, so we're going to have more details coming on that hopefully soon. But yeah, again, coming soon. Cool.

So that was the biggest thing I wanted to cover was the Delos HQ team. I think yeah, the other members that joined Pat who's been in the community since day one, helping us out on community engagements over in the Philippines, yeah, I know she's not. Yay, congrats to Pat, Pat really deserves it. I think she, her idea was the ambassador program was actually her idea. I just kind of helped her facilitate and get it going.

But yeah, congrats to Pat, I think really excited to have her going and staying up all night as she normally does in her time zone over in the Philippines. And yeah, shout out to all everybody else, I think Apollo has been an amazing contributor as well. 0xFendiman, who is not here, I believe, yeah, not not a call but I think he's been an amazing contributor so far and really excited to have him, I think he's actually been in the discord since day one, since Saddle launched h e's been following our founder devops199fan for a while now. So Fendiman, congrats to you. And, yeah, really excited to get this going.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  6:04
He's great to work with too. Fendiman. Very good. Congrats to all the newcomers Weston, Fendiman and Pat.

Emac | Saddle  6:10

All righty. Jammie, anything else you wanted to cover on your side of things?

Yeah, so you mentioned Consensus. I'd like to point out that Saddle actually took part in a live hackathon over the weekend at Consensus with Encode club. The SDL bounty calling for Yearn vault strategies was offered to the hackers but no winning submission was offered to us. So it's still up for grabs.

And actually, don't be afraid to approach us with more vault strategy ideas. We've been approached with one actually that we are very excited about. But we would love to hear more from you guys. You don't have to hoard the alpha from all the other bandits. SIP 24, that's the voting on updating SDL allocations for the vote escrow gauges and the Ondo liquidity as a service agreement, ends at 2pm. So nikitakle, if you could get over there, get talking about wallet.

The Saddle ambassador program is still active, as was said. And in other fun news, Saddle will be sponsoring an NFT NYC afterparty with our partners, Unstoppable Domains, who recently spoke with Emac and I on Twitter, which was great fun. And I'm sure you can expect to see us back there again, or them here, even. What else is there, oh the Zapper protocol request is still live on their forums, so go bang your face into the upvote button. And while you're there, sort of cruising around this Zapper ecosystem, take a little peek at your wallets and see if you notice anything neat on either Evmos or mainnet.

Thank you, Weston. We've been speaking with zapper recently, and we are huge fans here in Saddle, especially me, I've been a follower of Zapper for a very long time and we would love to see more come from the relationship. And also, I'd like to touch on the big one too, SDL, right? When's it gonna unlock the moment of truth as it were, right? So I think we're ready to move on to questions from communities.

The biggest question for you is, where do you live Jamie, in Antarctica

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  8:28
I actually live way way north in Canada. Super super fun. Farther than what any human reasonably should live. Just beautiful, though, come visit. We have more bears on the market does right now.

Emac | Saddle  8:49
It's good.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  8:51
So that's about it for me, though, unless I missed anything.

Emac | Saddle  8:55
No, I think, yeah, go vote on the new SIP. I can drop the link in the chat as well. I believe we also share in announcements, but I can drop that as well.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  9:08
Yeah, it is reporting that just about everything we mentioned here can be found in the #Announcements section as posted by our very own Bianca.

Emac | Saddle  9:15
Yay, Bianca. Oh, good question for you, from ChilidlishBambino. Do you see that Low Poly Duck? Where did your name come from?

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  9:32
Oh, that's a bit of a fun one actually. I've alluded to it a bit in the moon AMA's. It's actually just because my daughter loves ducks. We went around looking for some cute art to have. I knew that I wanted to be represented by an emoji, and it was the one my daughter chose. She likes anything that can fly and also go on the water. She was fascinated by.

Emac | Saddle  9:57
Soon to be our new Saddle Seahorse.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  10:01
Yes, exactly. Yeah. Just wait until you're in Saddle merch.

Emac | Saddle  10:09
Yeah. And the yeah, sneak peek for everyone here, the new video that will be dropping soon in the next few weeks that may or may not be related to SDL unlock, the seahorse finds a way to fly.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  10:27

Emac | Saddle  10:32
Cool. Let's see. Anything else? Feel free to drop in the chat. Anyone have any questions? I think we'll definitely have more in the coming weeks here. Oh, yeah, actually, it's a good question, that's only half, why low poly?

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  10:48
If you take a look at the art, it actually has a super low polygon count. That's it. The duck itself that we chose the image of the duck was a low poly duck.

Emac | Saddle  11:02
As part of your NFT collection, right?

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  11:04
Yeah, it is. Yeah. I was the one who mint it actually.

Emac | Saddle  11:08
Yeah, nice.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  11:11
When maybe once I decide to pay for Twitter, I'll set it up as my actual profile picture. We'll see.

Emac | Saddle  11:23
All right. Well, that was everything else, we can wrap it up there.

Low Poly Duck | Saddle  11:31
Yeah, this about to wrap. Thank you so much, guys.

Emac | Saddle  11:35
Thanks, everyone for joining. Very appreciate, good to see some familiar faces and we'll see you all soon. Bye.

Transcribed by bandit, "Big Bambino"

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