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Community Call Transcript 3-21-22

Community Call Transcript          3-21-22
Community Call 3 21 22

Eric| Saddle  0:00

Let's go ahead and get started this morning. GM everyone. I'm Emac, the core team at Saddle here. I'm going to be giving some updates from the last week on the market ops side of things. And I think Zim’s gonna join the stage soon and get some updates on the engineering side of things. Feel free to drop questions in the event chat as we go. Really exciting stuff happening in Saddle this week. So I'll go over some of that as well. Cool. Oh, yes, Zim’s here. Zim, was there anything else?

Zim| Saddle  0:31

Let's fucking go!

Eric| Saddle 0:35

Big week, big week.

All right. Awesome. So from updates and in case you missed it over the last week or so,there's been some new SIP pool parameters. If you haven't checked this out already, please check out the proposal to increase application coefficient in several pools. So let's see you can find that conversation on Twitter. I can drop some of that or Bianca can drop some of that links. In case you missed it. The Sperax results are in from SIP-7.

I believe this did not pass let me see unless some whales came in and got it through. But yes did not pass so 59% of the SPA pool did not pass. So that was I think our first proposal and snapshot that did not go through…Updates from the learning lounge…Cass and Bianca from the core team here are launching a new initiative called the learning lounge. Basically, looking at building a DeFi Compendium-community generated textbook that Saddle bandits can contribute to so anyone here willing to contribute to that…so will definitely be airdropped some SDL in the future that will be sponsored by the Delos HQ team. Really exciting stuff on that front. AMAs, transcripts for the Capsules Money will be out this week and any others as well from the past few weeks. So those updates from the community from the past week or so.

Some of the upcoming that are really exciting this week- we should have this snapshot coming out for the Evmos launch. So be on the lookout for that. And then any actionables as well. On tokenomics, we launched the snapshot on Friday. If you have not voted yet, there's still a few hours I believe to vote that should be coming to a conclusion today. Looks like pretty heavily we should be in the clear to have that passed. I think 96% of the community voted to pass. And then on the contributor front, we are launching an ambassador program which you guys may have saw in Discord. Feel free to add me as a friend and then DM me if you have any questions or want to get involved there.

We'll have a running list of bounties either sponsored through our partners at Encode for bounties for bandits, or for our internal community multisig from Delos HQ. So if you're technical, non technical, we have a bunch of bounties, I believe we have over 50 bounties for you to contribute to and obviously will be paid out in SDL. This over the next few weeks. So exciting fronts there, please yeah, reach out if you have any questions and excited to launch this week. Really exciting stuff. All right over to Zim.

Zim| Saddle   3:35

Alright. Let's see what's happened-we got last week. Some bug fixes went through. So let's see. So claiming rewards. And wallet connect should be fixed. Anybody else runs into issues, feel free to just post in the general or support channels. Yeah, very helpful when bugs are flagged.

Let's see, we have a cool kind of working progress feature that will output the current spot price, and the reverse of calculate swap that will essentially allow us to be the primary source for the price of futures. I'm actually not entirely sure how that works. But anyway. Um, let's see some updates to the b4b page. If you haven't seen that, check it out, as Eric mentioned: new bounties, token icon, a (-) token icon. Some cool new UI things. Yeah, I'm sure they visited the website recently…or their exchange recently, you should see that there's some pretty nifty updates.

Let's see, we've also ended a pretty large project- it’s more on the front end side to get all of the components into the design system or design system components implemented. So no more SAS, no more. Just raw CSS- all of its components now. So that should make anyone working with the front end wants to work with the front end, which is  more easy. And lastly, we have the permission list for UI that should be coming out soon. So pretty exciting stuff. Registry work. Registry contract is a  work in progress. So that will enable any aggregator to pick up Saddle pools and should increase our transaction volumes significantly.

So that combined with a permissionless pools will hopefully really pump up our TVL and volume. So see anything else to call out? Yeah, I think that's, that's mainly it. Alright. I guess we can open the floor. If anybody has anything they want to chat about. Click the raise hand button and we'll call you up.

Also feel free to drop questions in the Saddle Event Chat.

Alright come on up man from Mune.

Jamie| Mune  7:05

Jamie from Mune. How you doing?

Zim| Saddle  7:09

David duck is in the house.

Eric| Saddle  7:11

The one and only Mallard.

Jamie| Mune   7:14

Quack quack. I've got a question here I guess for the community at large not so much for me but I know that it's on everybody's mind, right? When is SIP-8  going to fit when- is it officially pushed?

Eric| Saddle 7:33


Jamie| Mune  7:35

Today? This is the official day. Today is the day

Eric| Saddle  7:39

Voting ends today. Yes.

Jamie| Mune 7:42

Excellent. Just doubling down on the fact that today is the day.

Eric| Saddle  7:47

Today is the day. Alright 95.43% For [the vote]. So it looks like it's going to let some massive massive whales come in, it looks like we're good to go.

Jamie| Mune 7:59

Yeah, it looks like it's almost guaranteed at this point. I think. So it's time for celebration for a huge percentage of the community. Yes, indeed. Thanks guys all right. Anybody else?

Zim| Saddle  8:37

Welcome DeFine you want to give a quick intro and yeah, and then share away?

DeFine| Capsules  8:45

Yes. I’m DeFine, the founder of Money Capsules. Progress under management right now; we are two engineers who make that happen. Smart Console ready, the front end is almost ready. For those who don't know, my question here is not regarding this product. It's about the tokenomics mainly because I think on the sigs that it's also releasing the price discovery and they’re still talking.

We also have a much bigger announcement on the same shape that as a protocol, Saddle’s protocol is willing to utilize Olympus Pro we have news about the specific timeframe that these utility will be implemented from Saddle?

Zim|Saddle  9:43

Are you talking about the vote escrow?

DeFine| Capsules  9:48

Um, the bonds. Basically Olympus Pro bonds all the way to instead of using the traditional model of liquidity mining that you basically= it's degenerative you sell stocks as a protocol and it's a way better way to receive liquidity. By liquid based

Zim|Saddle  10:15

Yeah, we have as I understand it. We have Olympus Pro on the roadmap but I think first will be vote escrow and liquidity as a service through Ondo. The primary reason why we still want to or rather we want to first implement vote Escrow is because the gauge system will create, you know a flywheel that will incentivize and drive up SDL price and just the amount of SDL that’s locked. So with Olympus Pro, or with bonding, you don't quite get that kind of flywheel mechanism. So we do have it on the timeline though. On the roadmap.

DeFine| Capsules 10:57

Oh. Thank you for answering, sir. Have a good one.

Zim|Saddle  11:11

Thanks for asking. All right, well if nobody else I think we can wrap?

Eric|Saddle  11:17

Sounds good.

Zim|Saddle  11:22

All right. Have a lovely week, everybody. Exciting stuff. Thanks, everybody. Make sure you get lost sleep. All right. Bye, everyone.

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