Announcing Saddle’s Community Leveling System
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Announcing Saddle’s Community Leveling System

Announcing Saddle’s Community Leveling System

We’re excited to announce the kick-off of Saddle’s Community Leveling System. Through the Leveling System, Saddle community members will have more ways to contribute to building and sustaining the Saddle Ecosystem, while earning SDL and leveling up.

The Saddle Ecosystem's new Community Leveling System

The Community Leveling System includes leadership, management, and individual contributor roles that span technical engineering as well as non-technical roles in writing, marketing, and partnership development.

The purpose of the Community Leveling System is to provide more formalized roles for community members who’ve been contributing to the Saddle ecosystem – and to provide more roles for new Saddle community members to take up.

Community engagement is an important part of the DeFi ethos and a value of ours at Saddle. That’s why Saddle has been continuously expanding its community initiatives and testing out new ways to engage Saddle’s community in building the Saddle protocol and co-creating the Saddle Ecosystem.

Read on to find out more about the Community Leveling System!

What roles are available?

Through the Leveling System, we’re formalizing three roles within the Saddle Community Ecosystem: Bandits, Ambassadors, and Core Contributors. Each role is represented by a Saddle-y, underwater, western persona.

The Bandit character, representing the Bandit role in the Saddle Ecosystem

Bandits are general Community Members. Anyone can be a Member of the Saddle Community Ecosystem by verifying in our community Discord, following along with discussions, and participating in eligible Bounties.

Community Members are represented by the Bandit character – because anyone who’s in DeFi and in the Saddle Ecosystem has banditry in them.

The Stallion character, representing the Ambassador role in the Saddle Ecosystem

Ambassadors are community members willing to grow the Saddle Ecosystem through Bounties while earning SDL.

Ambassadors are represented by the Stallion character. The Stallion is an evolved, mechanized version of the Saddle Seahorse, symbolizing Ambassadors’ versatility and powerful role in evangelizing and expanding the Saddle Ecosystem.

The Wrangler character, representing the Core Contributor role in the Saddle Ecosystem. POC stands for "Point of Contact," indicating that Wranglers will be able to be in a managerial role vis. Bounty tasks and projects.

Core Contributors are community members with a specific, specialized skillset who are willing to apply that skillset in an ongoing role in the Ecosystem. That is to say, Core Contributors adopt a speciality in the Ecosystem – such as content marketing, design, or other areas – while working closely with Saddle Core Team, and earning a larger monthly SDL stipend.

Core Contributors are represented by the Wrangler, a whale who is both friendly and strong, representing the finesse it will take to develop and execute community-led initiatives within the Saddle Ecosystem.

What kind of contributions can these roles expect to do?

The Saddle Community runs a Bounty System, through which Ambassadors and other community members already support Saddle through tasks like writing, transcription, analytics, and more. The Bounty System lists tasks and projects that Bandits, Ambassadors, and Stallions can take on to build the Saddle protocol and Ecosystem.

In the future, as we fill out the roles in the Community Leveling System, community members will have the opportunity to carry out even more exciting Bounties – and community members in various roles will be able to propose Bounties that they think will benefit the Ecosystem and protocol as a whole.

Delos HQ Multisig

Saddle’s leveling system does not stop at individual contributor roles: it also reaches into leadership roles. Delos is the leadership committee of the Saddle Community. As of May, the Saddle community voted for Delos members to take on established responsibilities along with compensation.

Delos will be responsible for overseeing 1m SDL, and approving its use on initiatives and tasks that benefit and grow the Saddle ecosystem.

How do these roles earn and evolve?

Each role is associated with specific criteria, responsibilities, and SDL compensation. As a Bandit meets criteria and completes Bounties, she earns “XP,” which means SDL earned through Bounties.

As a Bandit accrues XP, they will have the opportunity to “level up” into higher roles like Ambassador, Wrangler, and even into leadership roles in Delos HQ.

How can you get involved?

This is just the beginning: These existing roles, bounties, and resources are the starting point. It’s Saddle’s community that will shape the future of Saddle and take the Saddle Ecosystem to the next level.

Are you ready to Saddle Up and Level Up? Learn more in Saddle’s Community Wiki, and don’t wait: Join Saddle’s Discord to begin your journey through the Saddle Ecosystem.