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A Look on Down the Road

A Look on Down the Road

Howdy Bandits!
Here’s a look at what’s been going on around the ranch and a gander down the road...

Our commitment to building and sharing financial primitives at the frontier of DeFi hasn’t changed, we’re excited to continue to ship new features, form key partnerships, and cultivate a sustainable community!

New features

On-Chain gauge voting
We’re  shifting from Snapshot to on-chain gauge voting built directly into the dApp! We’re building this because it will create a more cohesive gauge experience for our voters.

Cross-Chain gauges
We are goin’ deep on L2s and believe in a multichain future. This feature will elevate our gauge system to all partnered chains.

Permissionless pools/primitives
A big one! Permissionless is our middle name. Permissionless pools will enable community members to create, and leverage, liquidity pools on all partnered chains.


New community roles and incentives
We will be rolling out new community roles and resources that align with the priorities of the protocol: strong partnerships and accessible educational content. Notable upcoming roles include community account managers and content creators. More details are coming soon for members to apply!

If interested please contact @emac or @lowpolyduck in Discord.

Educational materials and content
We plan to equip our community with first-hand knowledge of the industry. Look out for detailed “how-to” videos, and weekly Twitter Spaces with esteemed guests. Build your DeFi know-how on the ranch!


Key Protocol Partnerships
Expanding our relationships with current partners, while continuing to push the frontier, is always top of mind– We are looking forward to bringing our products to new chains and forming exciting new partnerships that continue to enhance the value of veSDL for hodlers.


Coinbase Pay integration
We are excited to provide the community with a reliable onramp solution to interacting with the dApp. Upgrading from fiat to LP in a few clicks.

New UX and UI (dApp and website)
We are committed to having the best-in-class UX for interacting with our contracts. A fresh coat of paint brings life to any old barn; a full dApp and website upgrade is on the horizon!

Metapool smart contracts audit with Least Authority
Smart contract formal verification with Certora
Security is our core focus and the continued trust from our community and partners makes us who we are today. This audit and formal verification will only strengthen that trust moving forward!

Interested in lending a hand? Join our Discord and Saddle Up! 🤠